Why Test?

Every year, more than 8.6 million adverse drug events (ADEs) are reported in the US — 2.2 million of them are severe.

In fact, ADEs are the fourth leading cause of death nationwide, after heart disease, cancer and stroke, and they place an enormous financial burden on the healthcare system.

Even with proper prescribing, a patient’s genetics can affect how they metabolize and respond to drugs. More than 85% of patients have detectable variations in their DNA that increase their risk for an ADE.

Genelex DNA drug sensitivity determines a patient’s drug metabolizing capacity. When combined with YouScript Precision Prescribing analytics software, physicians are able to quickly find the safest, most effective drug and dose for each patient’s unique genetics.

Blockbuster one-size-fits-all approach to drug development and prescribing


YouScript Precision Prescribing enables selection of the right drug and dose


By providing clear, actionable guidance, YouScript lets clinicians address the complexities of drug interactions and the impact of individual genetics on drug metabolization. This leads to better prescribing decisions, reduced ADEs, improved patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.