Continuing Education

Genelex has partnered with the following accredited institutions to offer Continuing Education on the topic of pharmacogenetics. The following courses have been developed for a broad range of healthcare providers, including physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Continuing Education credit is available for each of these courses through the accrediting organization.

Ohio Northern University

Application of Pharmacogenetics Continuing Education Online Course

Facilitated by Brian Hocum, Application of Pharmacogenetics discusses fundamental factors and benefits of pharmacogenetics. The topics of study include:

  • identifying important drug interaction mechanisms
  • describes the clinical impact of pharmacogenetics,
  • tools for understanding pharmacogenetic information,
  • how to recognize which patients will benefit from pharmacogenetic testing, and
  • assess medication profiles for pharmacogenetic impact.

Presentation runtime: approximately 70 minutes.

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Drug interactions: A look at timing, genetic interplay and tips for recognizing and preventing them in clinical practice.

Facilitated by Brian Hocum, this course discusses the fundamental factors of pharmacokinetic-based drug interactions and provides clinical pearls for the everyday practicing clinician.  The course learning objectives are:

  1. Examine the time component involved in drug interactions.
  2. Recognize the interplay between drugs and genetics.
  3. Identify a drug interaction in a patient with a problem.
  4. Predict a drug interaction in a patient that you want to prescribe for.

Approximate time required:  60 minutes

To begin the course, complete the pre-reading case and quiz prior to beginning the lecture by clicking on the links below.

To obtain CE credit, click on Course Evaluation & Credits, then look under “General Continuing Education Programs” and click on “Drug interactions: A look at timing, genetic interplay and tips for recognizing and preventing them in clinical practice.”

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Introduction to Pharmacogenetics Continuing Education Online Course

Introduction to Pharmacogenetics, is directed at pharmacists in a community-based practice. Facilitated by Jeffrey R. Bishop, PharmD, BCPP, assistant professor at the Department of Pharmacy Practice at University of Illinois Chicago, this knowledge-based activity covers:

  • basic concepts of pharmacogenetics,
  • genetic variants and their influences on medicines,
  • FDA-approved product labeling,
  • PGx testing, and
  • developing strategies for counseling patients about pharmacogenetics

Presentation runtime: approximately 2 hours

Course Catalogue (Course Number: 0401-0000-11-004-H01-P)