Pharmacogenetic testing

Pharmacogenetic testing is the alternative to “one size fits all” and “trial and error” prescribing. Knowledge of patient drug metabolizing gene variants—found in more than half of patients—can help determine the appropriateness and dosage of many of the most commonly prescribed drugs, including:

  • SSRI and TCA antidepressants
  • opioid pain medications
  • beta blockers
  • Type I antiarrhythmics
  • warfarin

Individualized patient reports based on patient drug, herbal, and diet regimens

DNA sensitivity testing powered by YouScript Precision Prescribing Reports include patient-specific information on potential drug-to-drug interactions (DDIs) mediated by the tested polymorphic drug metabolizing enzymes, taking into account patient diet and OTC and herbal medicines. YouScript reports provides physicians with immediate insight into individual differences in their patients’ drug processing ability and helps physicians improve the efficacy and safety of the prescribed treatments. This information can be especially valuable when potential DDIs are a possibility.

Easy sample collection

Genelex provides testing supplies.  Simply rub the swabs on the inside of your patient’s cheek for 30 seconds each, then place in the sample pouch and return to Genelex with the prepaid mailing label.  Results will be available within 3 – 5 business days.