High-Risk PGx Drug Charts

Below are two versions of YouScript’s High-Risk Pharmacogenetic Drug Charts. The first one includes medications sorted by specialty and the other lists medications sorted alphabetically.

These charts identify the drug-gene interactions that can be found in YouScript as of the last reviewed date. In addition to the identified drug-gene pairs, you will find the worst-case scenario clinical impact rating and if there are guidelines available (CPIC, DPWG, FDA, etc.).

These charts are meant to be a quick reference for patients and providers. It is strongly advised to use the YouScript clinical decision support tool to get the most complete and up-to-date information. Note that the clinical impact ratings may increase in severity, depending on the patient’s full genetic profile and medication regimen. These cumulative drug-drug-gene interactions will only be unveiled through use of the YouScript software.

Download (PDF, 210KB)

Download (PDF, 206KB)