Cytochrome P-450 1A2 Genotyping

The cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP1A2 acts on 5-10% of drugs in current clinical use. CYP1A2 plays a major role in the metabolism of many commonly used drugs, including clozapine, imipramine, caffeine, fluvoxamine, paracetamol, phenacetin, theophylline, tacrine and others.

Furthermore, CYP1A2 activates several aromatic amines and thus is a key enzyme in chemical carcinogenesis. Several studies on the CYP1A2-dependent metabolism of caffeine or phenacetin have demonstrated that this enzyme is expressed in human livers at various levels amongst individuals, suggesting polymorphic control of enzyme activity.

Genelex CYP1A2 DNA test identifies the two major nucleotide variants by PCR-RFLP, providing increased sensitivity and quality performance. Analytical specificity and sensitivity for detection of these mutations are >99%.

Specimen Information
Please call Client Services at 800-TEST-DNA (800-837-8362) to order testing supplies.

Swabs: 4 sterile Whatman OmniSwabs™
Blood: 5-10 cc whole blood lavender-top EDTA or Yellow-top ACD-A tubes
Turnaround Time: 10 days turnaround (5 day turnaround for STATS)

CPT Codes
CYP1A2 Mutation DNA Analysis (provided for your guidance only)
81479-Unlisted Code