SEATTLE, Washington; November 23, 2015 – Genelex is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristine Ashcraft as its Chief Executive Officer. A member of the Genelex team since 2000, Kristine has been essential to the growth and development of the company. Having previously served as the Director of Sales/Marketing and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer, she brings undeniable enthusiasm and energy to her job while continuously working to accomplish the company mission, “Science that benefits humanity.” She initiated a recent study conducted by the University of Utah and published in the Journal of Medical Economics that showed the YouScript® Personalized Prescribing System reduced Emergency visits by 71 percent and hospitalizations by 39 percent in elderly patients taking three or more medications. Her passion for improving the lives of patients has helped to establish Genelex as a world leader in personalized prescribing.

Kristine would like to thank the outgoing CEO, Howard Coleman, for the hard work and dedication that he has brought to the role and the company, noting that, as Sir Isaac Newton rightly observed, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Howard co-founded Genelex in 1987 with Dr. Theresa Aulinskas as a forensic and relationship testing laboratory and has been the driving force behind its redirection toward pharmacogenetics. His vision has laid the groundwork for future success. He will continue to guide the future of Genelex as Chairman of the Board.

About Genelex

Genelex provides Precision Medicine Analytics tools and genetic testing which help healthcare providers choose the safest, most effective medication regimens for patients. The YouScript® Precision Prescribing System takes the guesswork out of prescription drug treatment, reducing the incidence of adverse drug events, saving lives and healthcare dollars.

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Kristine Ashcraft