FDA Labeled Drugs

Medications with FDA Genetic Warnings

Genetic factors influence the metabolism and transport of thousands of drugs. The drugs listed below are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide specific pharmacogenetic information on their package inserts, because of their known potential for adverse effects. The drug labeling describes drug exposure and clinical response variability; adverse event risk; genotype-specific dosing; mechanisms of drug action; and polymorphic drug target and disposition genes.

This list is regularly updated. If you are concerned about a medication not on this list, please call and talk with one of our DNA Testing Consultants at 800-TEST-DNA (800-837-8362).

List of PGx labeled drugs Most common brand name Enzyme
amitriptyline Elavil CYP2D6
aripiprazole Abilify CYP2D6
atomoxetine Strattera CYP2D6
carisoprodol Soma CYP2C19
carvedilol Coreg CYP2D6
celecoxib Celebrex CYP2C9
cevimeline Evoxac CYP2D6
citalopram Celexa CYP2C19
clobazam Onfi CYP2C19
clomipramine Anafranil CYP2D6
clopidogrel Plavix CYP2C19
clozapine Clozaril CYP2D6
codeine Tylenol #3 CYP2D6
desipramine Norpramin CYP2D6
dexlansoprazole Dexilant CYP2C19
diazepam Valium CYP2C19
doxepin Sinequan CYP2D6
esomeprazole Nexium CYP2C19
flurbiprofen Ansaid CYP2C9
fluvoxamine Luvox CYP2D6
galantamine Razadyne CYP2D6
iloperidone Fanapt CYP2D6
imipramine Tofranil CYP2D6
metoprolol Lopressor CYP2D6
modafinil Provigil CYP2D6
nortriptyline Pamelor CYP2D6
pantoprazole Protonix CYP2C19
perphenazine Trilafon CYP2D6
propafenone Rythmol CYP2D6
protriptyline Vivactil CYP2D6
quinidine/dextromethorphan Nuedexta CYP2D6
rabeprazole Aciphex CYP2C19
risperidone Risperdal CYP2D6
tetrabenazine Xenazine CYP2D6
thioridazine Mellaril CYP2D6
tolterodine Detrol CYP2D6
tramadol Ultram CYP2D6
warfarin Coumadin CYP2C9