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  • ER visits decline 71%, hospitalizations 39% in elderly patients evaluated by predictive medication analytics system and DNA testingSEATTLE, WASHINGTON; Nov. 12, 2015 – YouScript predictive medication analytics, a clinical decision support tool used by doctors to guide genetic testing and improve drug treatments, has been shown to cut ER visits by almost three-quarters and reduce hospitalizations by more than one-third in elderly patients taking multiple medications. Researchers from ...Read More
  • Novation awards Genelex Group Purchasing Agreement for Pharmacogenetic Testing and Precision Medicine SoftwareIRVING, TEXAS; Aug. 4, 2015 – Novation, the nation’s largest healthcare services organization, has awarded  an agreement to Seattle-based Genelex to offer pharmacogenetic lab testing and precision medicine solutions that can help pharmacists and other healthcare providers improve patient care and reduce health care costs. Annually, more than 8.6 million ...Read More